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"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others"

Peace Pilgrim

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Dear Friends,

In 2015, I had an idea about gathering people together. People of like minds – who shared in a vision of living peacefully in our world. Since then, I have been reaching out to people, so that we can get together and be a community for change in our world.
It has not been an easy process, and though we are slowly growing in number, we need more of you to join us. It is as such, that I am continuing in this bid, in the hope that you also may join us. We need many hands and minds to assist in this vital process, of transforming our consciousness.

You don’t have to do much. All you need to do, especially at this stage, is to sign up as peace-lover – to show your solidarity for what we stand for – which is peace.
Please join me and other fellow peace-lovers. We need you to help in making our world a peaceful place.

With much peace and love


Esther Emanuel (Founder)


“Being Peaceful” is a conscious-living

community and initiative. It is borne

out a vision of being and living in

peace - in a world full of contradictions. 

Its aim is to assist in transforming

human consciousness, through learning

and sharing ways of being peaceful.

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Esther Emanuel

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We are a community of
peace-lovers, in other words a community of people seeking and choosing to live their lives from a place of peace.


This will help us in giving us a presence in the world. We need donations to assist us in running our core activities.


Presently, we need bloggers, administrators, and assistants for our events.

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