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Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace is often spoken about in the context of spirituality, but interestingly, this concept is already winding its way through and into contemporary living. In fact, no longer are sentiments of an inner life and personal retreats reserved for just the religious. We only must consider how many references are being made to meditation and yoga in the media nowadays. Having an inner-life, seeking inner-peace, practicing meditation, yoga and living a stress-free life, has become a major part of attaining the life-balance many seek, especially during these stressful modern times.

Inner peace can be described as ‘peace’ felt from within. It is the peace that holds no bounds and can be attained by – letting go of ones worries and care and allowing life to unfold just as it is meant to. This is not so easy for everyone, considering that most of us have been conditioned to do the reverse. Nevertheless, all is not lost, as we can always learn how to let go if we choose. However, if it must be long-lasting, we must make it a life-style choice.

Here are a few things you can do today, to begin the process of unfolding and experiencing inner-peace.

Now, let us begin!

  • Make a commitment to being peaceful. Today, you can start out by having a peace affirmation written and placed where you can see. It may be one that says something like this – “Today, I shall choose peace above all things” or “Today, I shall be peaceful”. In this way, you are affirming your commitment to being peaceful, whilst also serving a reminder of the choice and the commitment you have now made.

  • Make peaceful choices. As you go about your day, start being conscious of the choices you make. Make sure they are peaceful ones. Making peaceful choices, is one way of finding the inner-peace, that you seek. I am a great fan, of the late Dr Wayne Dyer and his work. In one of his many speeches he gave during his life-time, he stated that, whenever we are confronted with a choice to be right or to be kind, that we should “choose to be kind”. I agree with him and believe that this is another great place to start on the journey of finding inner-peace. Always choose to be kind, and this is especially so, in a bid to be peaceful.

If you are interested in establishing a life in which peace is your utmost priority, then please read on. The following are other things you can do to assist you further on this journey of inner-peace.

  • Have a Practice which highlights your intention to be peaceful. It is essential that you also have a practice if you would like to establish a life of inner-peace. This practice, once you’ve determined what it is, must be one which will remind you of your intention and to assist you on the journey of cultivating inner-peace. I practice sitting quietly for moments at a time. This works for me. I first started this practice by attending a group meditation class. Choose one that also suits you but, in the meantime, the following steps may also help.

  • Begin your day with a ritual that reminds you of the importance of peace. It is best to begin the day with a ritual that reminds you of the importance of peace and re-affirms your commitment to living peacefully. As mentioned earlier, I choose to spend time, just sitting in the silence for lengths of time each day. This makes me feel more peaceful and reminds me of the importance of peace, as well as re-enforce my love for peace and my commitment to being peaceful. In this space and time, I also acknowledge and give gratitude for peace in my life before setting-out to begin my day. You may choose to do the same. But in making your choice, let it be one that feels right for you. This will ensure that you stick with it.

  • Learn the art of letting-go and practice acceptance. As a human being, you can only do what you can. So, learn to let go of things or situations which are beyond your control. More-so, let go of things that no longer serve you or that are causing you more pain that it is worth. In my opinion, this is one way in which the universe tells us, that it is time to let go. Learning to let-go and to accept things or situations that you cannot control or do anything about is important in finding inner-peace.

  • Learn to live in harmony with yourself and with others. Every day as you seek out to begin a new day, allow yourself a moment of silence – just to find that place of stillness within, and with the same token, that place of harmony too. Once you can feel the harmony within, be at one with it. Then, set out and approach the day ahead of you with this sense of peace and harmony and extend it to all you encounter during your day. This is one way one way in which you can begin the process of learning to live in harmony with yourself and others.

  • Be mindful and sensitive to the choices of others. Though this is an extension of the above, it indicates the importance of being mindful and sensitive to what others choose to do or be in their lives. We are all seeking to do the best we can with life as it unfolds and though we might have different approaches, we are all seeking to be happy. Accept that your way may not be their way and in so doing, you avoid conflict or any situation which will unnecessarily cause you to be disturbed or harmed. Hence, my advice would be, not to impose your ways on others. Focus more on yourself in this regard.

  • Practice being “we-centred”. This is an important aspect of living peacefully and therefore a means of cultivating inner-peace. A “we-centred” approach to living, ensures that we also take into consideration the needs of others. This is especially so in decision-making but includes all matters and manners of being. It involves, finding out what others want in given situations and somehow finding a balanced or harmonious outcome, for all involved. This is especially necessary in conflict situations.

  • Above all, be gentle on yourself. When people come to see me with issues of an emotional nature, being gentle on themselves as a practice, is one the first few exercises I offer to them. Usually, many of them do not know where to start with this, as they would have never thought about it or done it before. But, in time and with assistance, this gradually becomes a practice, that they take on board and for life. Nevertheless, being gentle on yourself is also an important part of finding inner-peace. Practice this daily!

However, just in case, you are wondering why you should seek inner-peace…

Inner – peace comes with its own rewards. With inner peace, comes a sense of peacefulness and the experience of life, as less of a struggle. Also, once you begin to have the experience of inner-peace, life begins to take on new lustre, a radiance, so to speak. This, then begins to permeate all that you do or come into contact with. These a just a few, as there are many more.

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