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“Peace in me. Peace around me. Peace in the world.”


Being Peaceful is a conscious-living community and initiative, borne out a vision of being and living in peace in a world full of contradictions. Its aim is to assist in transforming the human consciousness through learning and sharing ways of being peaceful. We are a peace-loving community. We seek, as well as practice, peaceful ways of being.




We are a community of peace-lovers, in other words a community of people seeking and choosing to live their lives from a place of peace. In so doing, making peace our primary objective, motivation and inspiration. Members of our community are on a journey of seeking and practising ways of being at peace with themselves, as a way of life. This is essential, especially in sharing it with others, as we know from experience, that the degree to which this can be attained in the self, is the degree to which it can be attained and shared with others.



Conscious living can be expressed in many terms but in this context, it means to live our lives with a high degree of awareness and thoughtfulness. It is in this way, that we can begin the process of enabling ourselves to act from a more considered position. Acting from a balanced perspective or considered position, is essential if we are to live our lives peacefully.


​Esther Emanuel is a Psychotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist. She is also a Reiki Master, a keen meditator and a student of life. She has a special interest in learning and sharing new ways of becoming emotionally and spiritually aware and is passionate about assisting people in becoming all that they are capable of being. Esther lives in London and currently juggles her time between her private practices, whilst at the same time working in the community..


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