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Byron Katie

"There’s nothing more exciting than peace"


“Sharing Peace” is an initiative, designed to help in sharing ways of living peacefully. We do this by sending one or two of our representatives, to your gathering to help in sharing the importance of peace in our world and to highlight the importance of peace within. If you are interested in highlighting the importance of peace at your event, you may choose to invite us to assist you in doing so. The size of the gathering does not matter. What truly matters is the
intention of the gathering. This, being an openness to receive peace and to the idea of being peaceful as a way of life. As long, as the intention of your gathering is to share peace, we are open to contributing to it.

Sharing Peace takes many forms and varies in its delivery but generally, it would normally consist of an opening - to introduce the speaker and to give a bit of information about our organisation and what we do. This will then be followed by a short story or message to assist the gathering (listeners) in learning peaceful ways of being. The session would then close with a silent moment, meditation or affirmation to assist in being and remaining peaceful.

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact us for more details.


Volunteering: We need volunteers to help keep our organisation afloat. Please contact us if there is anything you could assist us with. Presently, we need administrators, bloggers, speakers, etc. but any help would be appreciated.

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