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The Journey of the Peaceful Pilgrim

In the past, as with many people - I often wondered why I was born. I wondered, what my existence was all about and how I came into being. I also wondered about many other matters unrelated to these. But I rarely do now. I have somehow stopped the prodding or wanting to know. I seem not to be bothered about most of these things anymore - or, should I say, not as much as I used to. I don't know why, but for some unknown reason, I now find myself accepting life as it shows up, rather than anticipating or trying to make life what I think it should or shouldn't be. I seem not to worry so much, because of this. This is especially so in relation to the whys, whens or wherefores, in these regards. After all, life is full of processes and life is as it is. Trying to make it other-wise, would make life an endless struggle. I am now, more at peace with myself and with life than I have ever been.

Nevertheless, putting aside the above - something happened to me quite recently that I'd like to share with you. When it happened, it took me aback and hence I am writing this. It happened on a Sunday morning whilst sitting in front of the computer. This is not unusual for me, as writing or typing or some form of artistry has formed a part of my early Sunday routine for a while and still does.

However, on this particular Sunday, I found myself typing this excerpt. It is about peaceful pilgrims. Here is how it goes...

It’s about a peaceful pilgrim.


A peaceful pilgrim hears the bells of the universe and is awoken to its call. Restless in her sleep, she lies awake at night, pondering the workings of the universe and lies silently and patiently, for the slightest signal - a signal from the universe - for her, to do its bid. She knows the universe and knows its mind. She also knows its workings and its call. She knows all these things and more. She knows this; as she bears the signature of the universe, in her being.

Relentless in her efforts, she journeys in disguise, whilst expressing the universe in her every stride. She knows she bears this signature - the signature of the universe - and that with the same token, the universe resides within her too. She also knows, that all is one and one is all - with nothing existing in isolation. Moreover, that the universe is forever unfolding and that everything exists as a part of a "whole". All pilgrims know this. They know this, just because they do!

But in the bid for growth, she is also unaware of many things. These things lie hidden from her and hidden from many too; just so, that she may have a chance at truly live and experience life, just as it is. This is more-so, as experiencing and living, play a major role in her life and the life of others too. Yet, this, the universe does, to mould and prepare her, for the missions which await her. She is not exempt from the joys and sorrows of life, she must live through them - and her sensitivities, make these experiences even more vivid and more intense.

Nevertheless, her manners are peaceful. She is peaceful too, as she learns as part of her curriculum, about peace in all its forms. She learns these, through her toils in life. With each toil presenting her with an opportunity to learn about herself and peace. And in time, peace becomes her and vice-versa. But in the meantime, the pilgrim is just busy being. And, in each moment, she is just unfolding and expressing, in the manner that the universe, chooses.

Made of all manners of matter, she resonates with her source. The pilgrim and its source - the seeker and the sought - are one and the same. That this is so, forms part of the journey to recognition and the process of uncovering who she truly is. As, then and only then, can he truly begin the mission of extending peace to all.

She is also privy, to the songs of the universe. As it is in being privy, that she imparts its songs in all manners of being and to all who would care to seek her counsel. Though by default, the songs are imbued by those who keep her company, in peace, she weaves her way, through the web of life, till she settles on the shore of existence. It is from there, that she rests her wary soul and for moments, views the wonders of the universe. But this is just for a while, as it is from there, that she also finds the space to whisper to lost souls and the souls of those who seek peace.

Her disposition is quiet, and it is with this, she wins over the souls of the world in which she inhabits. She wins them over. Not just for themselves - but so that the universe may express itself even further and shine, ever so brightly.

As I typed this, I wondered what this was meant to mean. But then, not everything is meant to be questioned - or so I think. Let’s just say I was inspired to write this!


This piece is about peaceful pilgrims; Those who know they are and those who don't - but most importantly, all those doing their best to cultivate and to bring about peace in whichever way they can. This is especially so, if they do it without the anticipation of a reward.

Nevertheless, whoever or wherever you are, peaceful pilgrims, here’s an ode to you!

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